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Applying for a school is just an invitation – contact your college or university to get approved!

The School app is a great way for your college or university students to make friends before and after college.

Syracuse University, University of Oregon, UCLA, Stony Brook University, Northwest Arkansas Community College, University of Peace, University of Denver, Columbia College, Chicago, Gonzaga, California College of the Arts and many other public universities. , Samford University, UCSB, and more.


Student Directory: Find other students based on name and common interests.
Eating Eating Breakfast: Observe what other students are saying and get your questions answered.
Learn Search Group – Personal Study? Learn with the help of other students!
Mess Group Messaging – Start a group, find a group, and be part of a conversation.
Roommate Finder: You can live a better life by finding the best people!
Confidential Messages Text: Capture staff and students in real time.
Ounce Notifications: Do not miss important school messages.

Debbu is a platform to facilitate communication between teachers and parents at the highest and highest levels. It helps parents get a clearer idea of ​​ward performance in both academic and non-academic settings.
Debbu allows teachers to quickly access student information on their toes using a smartphone.
Debbu opened up a two-way communication between teachers and parents. This is real communication because you can always find yourself with the smartphone you carry !!!

Event provided by Debbu
There are parents

Debbu helps parents get a similar perspective on ward performance in both academic and non-academic settings.
Debbu function charts / graphs provide a continuous overview of ward functionality. It helps parents understand the improvement needed in the early stages and prevents last-minute surprises.
Debbu enables parents to see specific responses from teachers about ward performance.
As a result, they are able to receive any information from the school in real time, so there will be no significant reduction or delay in communication.
Diary opens up two-way communication to bridge the gap between parents and teachers
Debbu helps parents quickly find and follow street information about their ward

For Teachers l.

Debbu Progress Report Demonstrates Enabling teachers to quickly follow any student performance report
Develops and tests screens that help teachers identify early stages of development and inform parents
Debbu Diary allows teachers to send a note to parents and approve it. This helps to close any communication gap.
Debbu Driving Information helps teachers quickly gain students ’mobility experience.

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