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movies app-This program is designed so that you can get a smart alarm clock that can do amazing things such as identify simple items such as toothbrushes, shoes, other items and animals, and recognize the smile in your photo. To. Even wake up with a convincing smile or solve puzzles such as math equations, memory games and serial numbers to stop the alarm.

You can set this alarm as you like, including:

Add challenges

This alarm clock gives you a lot of problems (puzzles, games, drawing and more), so you can’t sleep with the alarm clock off.


You can also add multiple calls to your alarm, and random calls will be assigned to the alarm when you try to turn it off when the alarm starts. That way, you won’t be bored with the same challenge that always arises.

Here are some steps you can add to your alarm clock:

Call image

Thanks to machine learning and other scary things, this program learns to determine the list of pre-selected items and prevents the alarm from turning off if you do not take photos of the pre-selected item or animal.

For example, have you always forgotten to drink water? Challenge Gokampati after Gokampati, so get up and drink water to get started

Laughing challenge

It is very easy to wake up with a smile out loud and take a selfie. If all your teeth are not displayed on the camera, the alarm will never work. Comics are really recommended for this call.movies app

Memory game

A classic memory game that you want to play on the Flash website. Place the required number of cards on the board when the alarm starts, add pairs to the board without finding all the pairs, and then the alarm will turn off.

The problem of the equation

If you think getting up early is annoying, imagine getting up early to solve a math problem. This is good news. When the alarm goes off and you try to find the right number, select one of the levels of the math problem to solve the brain problem. movies app

Game in sequence

Complete this puzzle by tapping the shapes on the screen. Don’t worry, if you don’t remember everything at first, the alarm may repeat your favorite range.


Close the recurrence so that you do not have time to rest, as you may face real problems or shorten the recurrence period.


Don’t like to shake your phone like crazy when you wake up? No, so you have the ability to turn off the vibrating alert and listen to a great ringtone.


Set the volume you want to play media by selecting your favorite downloaded songs or ringtone to wake your phone. movies app


The tool you choose should not scare you, so the tool you choose will slowly increase the volume.

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