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Bizo-Get to know simple things like toothbrushes, shoes, other items, and animals, and you will see a smile in the picture. Kindly smile even violently, or solve puzzles like math equations, memory games, and sequence to set an alarm.

You can customize this alarm clock to your liking, including:

Add problems

This alarm clock gives you many tasks and challenges (like puzzles, games, drawing, etc.) so you can turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

You can also add more problems to your alarm, and once the alarm goes off, the alarm will be triggered by unusual problems if you try to turn it off. That way, you won’t have to deal with the same constant challenge.

Here are some activities you can add to your alarm:

Thictorye picture is contracd

With machine learning and other dirty stuff, this app has learned to recognize the list of selected items and protect you from turning off the alarm until you take a picture of the selected objects or animals.

For example, do you often forget to drink water? Add the problem of taking a picture of the patient when it is done, so you should get up and drink water when it starts.

Smiling Problem

It’s simple, you have to get up with a big smile, a big smile and take a selfie. If all your teeth are not displayed on the camera, the alarm will not go off. This comic book really exacerbates this problem.


Memory game

The selected memory memory you played on Flash websites. Set the board with the number of cards you want, when the alarm starts, match the two on the board until all the pairs are found, and then the alarm goes off.

The problem of equality

If you think waking up in the morning is frustrating, consider getting up early to solve a mathematical problem. Let’s say we are happy. Choose from a series of emergency scenarios to fix when an alarm sounds and blow your brain trying to find the exact number. bizo

Sequence game

Complete this puzzle by throwing in the same order as the shapes on the display. Don’t worry if you don’t remember everything at first, the alarm can repeat the sequence as many times as you want. bizo


By turning off the replay you should carefully end the problem or change the recovery time too short so you don’t have time to rest.


Don’t you want the phone shaking like crazy when you wake up? I don’t, so you have a chance to turn off the alarm vibration and listen to a nice ringtone.


Set your desired volume to play the media by selecting your favorite music download or mobile device.

Soft wake

The divider you choose increases the volume over and over so that you don’t have to worry about waking up. bizo

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