Fiiu App | Latest Version 2.0 Movies APK Download

Fiiu APK app is easy to set up but well designed so that you get a smart alarm clock that receives and receives simple items like toothbrushes, shoes, different items and animals. Fix puzzles like Memory and Sequence Video Games.

You can set this clock together in any way:

Problems include the Fiiu app

With this watch you have a lot of problems (puzzles, video games, photography, other retreats) and it gives you tasks so you can turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

You can add a lot of problems to your alarm, that way, once the alarm goes off, it will give that alarm an unusual problem if you try to turn it on. You will not be disappointed with the same problem that is often presented in this way.

There are many functions that can be added to your alarm:


With machine learning and a variety of nerd objects, this tool was meant to allow a description of pre-selected items and keep you from opening the alarm until you take a picture of pre-selected objects or animals.

For example, do you regularly neglect to drink water? Add to the problem of taking a picture of a cup when it’s frozen, so it’s important to get up and drink water when it starts

So with that, it’s important to get up with a giant smile and take a selfie. The alarm will not go off unless your teeth are properly illuminated with a digital camera. Guidelines The guidelines are helpful in this regard

Fiiu App Reminder Entertainment

The first reminder of the entertainment you used to play on Flash websites. Arrange the board with the different types of playing cards you want, and once the alarm starts, match the two on the board until you find the two pairs that turn off the alarm.

Fiiu apk equation problem

Do you think waking up in the morning is annoying to show mathematical inaccuracies? Neraki is the choice between the number of mathematical errors to produce when the alarm sounds and fry your mind in finding the exact number.

Sequence Entertainment Fiiu apk

Fill in the picture by throwing the shape on the display in the same way, as it shines. Don’t worry if you don’t worry at first, you can repeat the alarm sequence as many times as you like.

Sign in with the Fiiu app

Let it snooze so you have to end the problems or change that complaint time is too short so you won’t have time to rest.

Vibrate the Fiiu download

People who don’t like you won’t shake their hips when your phone wakes up? I don’t, that’s why you have the option to turn off the vibrate from the alarm and pay attention to the interesting ring ring.

Midhiya Fiiu APK

Choose between your favorite recorded music or your mobile phone to get up and adjust the volume of your media game.

Mushi Wake Fiiu apk download

The media you choose will increase the volume equally to the volume you set, so it doesn’t scare you when you get up.


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